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Te Aroha College Graduate Profile

‘The students of Te Aroha College are our future, they will be confident, connected, well

rounded and have a clear future direction. They will have pride, purpose and flexibility. They

will seek excellence and excel locally, nationally and internationally in their chosen strengths.

They will be culturally aware and demonstrate tolerance, respect and understanding and will

go out into the world and sustainably take responsibility for themselves and those that rely

on them.’

Principal's Message

I am privileged as Principal of Te Aroha College to lead this fantastic school and believe we 

offer an education second to none. We continue as a leadership and teaching team to

be learners and innovators as we seek to provide new and varied ways to engage all our

students in learning opportunities that focus on personal and educational success. Our size

is our greatest strength as we can offer a personalised education that allows our students to

individually shine. - Heather Gorrie

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There are no Meetings scheduled for Thursday 25th February, 2021.

General Notices

All students and staff members please note that we can not accept any orders outside the canteen menu - available at the canteen.
Canteen weekly Menu as below.
Monday - Cheeseburger
Tuesday- Butter chicken pie
Wednesday- Bacon and egg sandwich
Thursday - Garlic bread
Friday - Chips
Also Pies, frozen fruit slushies (Barry blast and orange and mango 99% fruit juice) available along with other foods.
Please place and pay for any special food order in the first break to receive it in the second break. The menu card is available at the canteen.
Showquest Rehearsals begin this Friday the 26th February at 3.20pm to 4.45pm
Please arrange to be picked up, unless you are walking home.
All permission slips need to be handed in to Student Services before Friday.
Please see Ms Hagan, Isabelle or Keisha if you need an information letter with permission slip.
Thank you
WINTEC will be visiting the careers room at lunch time today. Please come along and see what they have to offer for study in the future. This is particularly important for senior students and those leaving to study next year
The computer room E2 will be open under teacher supervision during break 2 for students on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.
A reminder to those going to camp to get your Tent group and menu forms to Mrs Livingstone by Friday.
Any Māori Descent students interested in a Health Career, please meet this Friday break 1 in the careers room.
All students interested in playing Poitarawhiti (Netball) this year, please sign up on the A Block Notice Board.
All students interested in playing Pā whutupōro (Touch) this term, please sign up on the A Block Notice Board.
If you are interested in playing football/ soccer this year sign up on the A block notice board. There will be one team for girls and one for boys. Any questions see Mr Rowe
All students are to get changed into PE gear during Break 1. The pavilion and swimming changing sheds will be open. At the start of period 2 please assemble on the pavilion steps.